Zebra Mussel Elimination

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Zebra mussel elimination is an invasive species control service that necessitates the expertise of a trained and certified commercial diver. Contact us today to find out more about zebra mussel elimination.

The zebra mussel, is a shelled species typically found within freshwater environments in the Great Lakes region of the United States.

Before introduction into U.S. environs, the zebra mussel, aptly named for the stripes on its shell, originated in southern Russia.

Today, it continues to pervade different freshwater environments nationwide, including North America, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Sweden.

Although small in individual size, mass reproduction of this species can cause costly damage to the underwater structures that become their habitats.

Colonization on harbors, waterways, ships, boats, piping systems, water treatment facilities, and water-consuming power plants have led to clogging, breaking, corruption, and other types of damage undesirable to those who own and operate the infested structures.

Likewise, the zebra mussel has established itself as a commonly detested invasive species to those affected most by their colonization.

Zebra Mussel Damage

Water-Consuming Facilities:

  • Larvae Infiltration
  • Piping Congestion & Blocking
  • Clogging Water Intakes


  • Elimination of Other Mussel Species
  • Extinction of Other Underwater Species: Plant and Animal
  • Avian Botulism Poisoning
  • Toxic (if consumed)


  • Sharp and Dangerous Shells (known for cutting feet)
  • Toxic (if consumed)

Zebra Mussel Monitoring & Control

Zebra mussel monitoring and control is a necessary measure to counteract the effects of invasive colonization. The top priority is keeping them out of piping systems and preventing the flow of larvae into water intakes. At the same time, other damaging effects on the ecosystem, such as the depletion of fish populations and the increase in bacteria on shorelines, have drawn the attention of the U.S. government. In fact, federal policy under the National Invasive Species Act (1996) touches upon the necessity for zebra mussel monitoring and control.

By keeping a close watch on the magnitude and movement of colonization, damage can sometimes be prevented.

Zebra Mussel Elimination

When the colonization of this invasive species propagates ongoing damages and accruing costs, compromising the integrity of the underwater structure or damaging the sustainability of the ecosystem, removal becomes a necessary course of action. Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc. offers a zebra mussel elimination service to clients combating the negative effects of colonization on their harbors, waterways, ships, boats, piping systems, water treatment facilities, etc.

Our certified commercial dive team performs zebra mussel elimination onsite. We employ the best quality of trained and certified divers with an extensive background in the removal of this invasive species. Colony elimination is completed by way of mechanical scrapers, air, sound, chemicals, and hot water. However, new methods for zebra mussel elimination are frequently being investigated and developed. Varying levels of colonization and different types of colonized structures and damages call for a wide range of methods—Midco’s dive team stays on top of the current methods and delivers a solution that is effective and efficient.

Properly addressing zebra mussel colonization can prevent the ongoing accrual of damage and expense. Contact Midco’s dive team today to discuss the details of our zebra mussel elimination service.