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Underwater Construction

Midco Diving and Marine Services, Inc. is a leading provider of commercial dive services including underwater construction. At Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc., we offer a paramount level of experience gained through years of successful service providing construction support in the marine industry.

Underwater construction projects require many of the same skills and training as above-water construction projects, but with the added difficulty of performing the job under often unstable conditions, limited visibility, and other unpredictable factors. When you employ Midco Diving & Marine Services for your underwater construction project, you are essentially hiring two companies in one: a certified commercial dive team and a building subcontractor. This two-tiered combination of training and knowledge is critical during an underwater construction project.

In addition to commercial diving certifications, construction divers are typically certified in one or more trade skills as well including welding, machining, mechanics, or carpentry.  This unique blend of training and skill enables commercial divers to play an important support role in the completion of a wide range of underwater construction projects including pipeline installation, bridge projects, dam construction, and much more.

Underwater construction is a demanding endeavor and should only be completed by highly trained personnel. Construction diving requires an acute level of dexterity and a precise level of “know-how” that can only be achieved through years of on-the-job training. Selecting a dive company or underwater contractor for your construction project should be a well-thought out process, and always research reputable commercial dive companies that have successfully completed projects similar to yours, again experience is essential.

At Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc., we have achieved years of practical hands-on experience in the field of underwater construction support. Our team of commercial divers possesses the skills, aptitude, and experience necessary to complete a wide range of underwater construction projects and services. Before you hire an underwater contractor for your next subsurface construction project, contact the professionals at Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc.  From underwater inspections to engineering consultancy and underwater construction, we would be happy to show how we can help you accomplish your project. You can call us toll-free, day or night at 1-800-479-1558.


We provide turnkey commercial diving services for unique industrial and municipal needs

Our divers are experienced in underwater inspection, marine construction, repair projects, and so much more. From project design to execution and oversight, our staff of qualified and experienced project managers, DPICs, equipment operators, and certified commercial divers will complete your project safely, effectively, and efficiently. The scope of Midco’s commercial diving underwater service is substantial. Professional diving services include: