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ROV Services

A Remotely Operated Vehicle, or ROV, can play an important role in the field of Commercial Diving. ROVs assist with preliminary inspections that assess underwater structures for damage or corrosion as well as evaluate the underwater environment for potential risks, making them an invaluable tool for working in areas with strong currents, dangerous obstacles, or polluted/contaminated waters.

Modern ROVs are available in a multitude of sizes to handle projects both big and small and many have the ability to be customized with a variety of accessories including cameras, sonar, and radiation detectors. For commercial diving jobs that require entering potentially hazardous or contaminated environments, an ROV can be the dive company’s first line of defense by providing important information that will aid in developing a strategy to complete the task.

Commercial dive companies utilize ROVs for many types of underwater inspections including structure inspections (dams, bridges, piers) and pipeline inspections, but one of most common uses for an ROV is performing potable water tank inspections.  ROVs are an efficient and effective tool for performing potable tank inspections because they allow the job to be completed without draining, downtime, or loss of service. The use of ROVs for water tank inspections also eliminates the potential risks of contamination or human injury that become more prevalent when utilizing divers for these types of inspections.

ROVs are capable of inspecting and documenting the overall condition of the interior tank coating as well as all critical components of potable storage tanks including the walls, floor, roof, inlets, outlets, and vents. In addition to providing a visual inspection of the interior condition of the tank, ROVs are also useful for detecting leaks, harmful corrosion, and sediment buildup within the tank. It is recommended that potable water tanks be inspected every 2-3 years, and regular inspections will help you to gauge the sediment accumulation rate of your water source allowing you to better forecast future tank cleaning and maintenance needs before larger problems arise.

Here at Midco Diving and Marine Services, we depend on ROVs for many of our services. ROVs are easy to operate and offer excellent maneuverability within confined spaces, especially spaces that are too small for our divers to maneuver through. ROVs allow our team to assess problems and potential risks before sending in a dive team saving time, reducing costs, and mitigating potential risks for all parties involved.

Our professional commercial dive company is here to handle all of your ROV and underwater inspection needs. If you would like to learn more about our ROV inspection services or other potable tank services that we offer, please contact our main office at 1-800-479-1558. or contact us for more information.


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