Remote Operated Vehicle

Remote Operated Vehicle - Midco Diving & Marine Services

Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc. utilizes the highest quality and most advanced commercial ROV equipment to conduct effective potable water tank inspections.

While most commercial dive projects specify adverse settings, our remote operated vehicle technology helps eliminate the risk of decidedly unsafe conditions for commercial divers.

ROV Underwater Survey

The general goal of this ROV inspection service is to take survey of the underwater environment, inspecting for issues that lead to maintenance or repair. Our submersible swims through the potable water tank and surveys the interior of the chamber, covering every square inch with its camera lens. The camera eye captures footage while documenting evidence of corrosion, sediment depths, and other interior problems that are currently causing—or could cause in the future—damages to the potable water system. The ROV underwater survey is a safe and effective way to see what’s going on inside the potable water tank and elicit recommendations for improvement before serious issues arise.

ROV inspection services for potable tanks include:

  • Inlet and Outlet
  • Overflow
  • Roof and Roof Hatch
  • Walls and Floors
  • Interior Ladders
  • Roof Vents
  • Sumps
  • Baffles
  • Columns
  • Internal Plumbing
  • Interior Coating
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Sediment Depths
  • Visual Leak Detection

ROV Technology

Professional ROVs are some of the finest pieces of equipment in the industry. Easy to operate and deploy, ROVs capture high-quality video and ease intervention performance. The ROVs used by Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc. are the product of many years of technological innovation, design, and product development. The streamlined functions of their software, hardware, autonomous control, and other advanced features are testament to their technological superiority, and we wouldn’t trust the safety of our divers to any other device.

Midco’s Commercial ROV Service

Save Time & Money

With the help of the commercial ROV, Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc. can reduce project completion time and increase safety. Our ROV makes tank inspections affordable—as a result, potential interior problems are detected before they become far more expensive to correct and/or repair.

Put Safety First

Although our divers are certified at the height of commercial diving safety standards, we take every precaution in ensuring the success of projects completed in treacherous underwater environments. ROVs assist with preliminary inspections that assess the underwater environment for potential risks. They work very well in areas with dangerous currents or polluted/contaminated waters.


Other than peace of mind, the final deliverable after an ROV underwater survey is documentation of the findings and a report on conclusions and recommendations. Midco provides its clients with a DVD copy of the entire inspection video and exterior pictures of the tank to keep on file. As the final component of our service, your Project Manager provides a written report that lays out all details of the survey and our company’s recommendations for moving forward.