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Commercial Diving Services - Midco Diving & Marine Services

Midco Diving & Marine Service, Inc., provides a long list of commercial diving services to fit a dynamic scope of needs.

Some additional underwater services provided by Midco’s commercial dive team include marine salvage, underwater investigations, evidence collection, insurance reports, barge and ship repair, marine search and recovery, media diving, water safety, and environmental remediation and investigation.

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Midco’s Underwater Services

Environmental Remediation

Midco operates under the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide removal of pollutants and contaminants from underwater environments: offshore, beaches, harbors, lakes, rivers, etc. Our services are aimed at protecting the health safety of underwater environments and the ecosystems connected to them.

Environmental Underwater Investigations

Allow us to assist you in investigating and assessing the state of marine or underwater ecosystems that show signs of environmental damage. Our team will collect evidence from the environment, provide reports on the presence of pollutants and/or contaminants, and provide recommendations for remediation.

Water Safety for Film/TV Sets

Oftentimes, TV and film production takes the cast and crew to challenging locations, where various scenes call for unfamiliar sets. Midco’s commercial divers, as water safety specialists, can provide the support needed for filming safely in natural or man-made aquatic settings.

Media Diving and Support Services

With exceptional equipment, our divers can capture underwater stills and video footage for marketing, media, communications, and IT purposes.

Evidence Collection

Whatever be the case—underwater wreckage from a recent crash, retrieval of illegal products and materials disposed of in the ocean, missing person(s) in bodies of water, etc.—our team is skilled and experienced in turning up forensic evidence hidden beneath the water’s surface.

Insurance Reports

Midco’s commercial divers can conduct insurance investigations for boat and watercraft accidents, including the salvage and recovery of damaged water vessels. To provide your insurance company with damage verification or cause documentation for third party liability, you’ll want to hire a commercial diver.

Historical and Archeological Underwater Investigations

Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc. can work with a number of different historical and archeological crews and societies. Likewise, we’ve gathered a wealth of experience in uncovering artifacts entrenched in the depths of various marine environments.

Marine Salvage

Our commercial dive team is trained in the recovery of cargo and other property lost at a wreckage site. Whether cargo is dangerous to the ecosystem or simply invaluable and impossible to replace, property lost below the water’s surface is often prioritized higher for marine salvage than the vessel itself.

Barge and Ship Repair

Our maintenance, inspection, and repair services extend to marine vessels, as well. Our job is to make sure that all kinds of ships and barges are in the best condition possible by accessing the portions of the vessel that may only be accessed with the assistance of a trained and qualified diver.

Search and Recovery

Search and recovery diving covers all sorts of “treasures,” large and small, that have been lost underwater. Whatever it is that has been lost to the depths, our team will rescue it and return it.