Inspection, Maintenance, & Repair

Diving Repair - Midco Diving & Repair Services

Midco Diving protects the reliability and compliance of structures in contact with or completely submerged by water. Our professional divers are trained to perform underwater inspection, maintenance, and repair services on bridges, piers, water tanks, submersed pipelines, coastal structures, and much more…

With an extensive background in commercial diving, we recognize and understand just how harsh and destructive the underwater environment can be on metal, concrete, and other building materials. Potential threats to these components include:


The most common cause of bridge failure in the United States. When water moves swiftly and persistently against stabilizing structures, abutments, or piers, sediment is eroded from the surrounding area and the stability of the structure is compromised.


Most prevalent and harmful in concrete structures found in subaqueous environments. Cracking allows water to flow where prevention is intended. The longer an unwanted crack is left unattended to, the more difficult it becomes to repair.


Causes rapid deterioration of submerged metals and calls for underwater repairs. Concrete structures reinforced by metal rebar are often subjected to corrosion and require prompt, professional attention from a commercial dive team.

Underwater Inspection Services

Underwater inspection services evaluate the condition of submersed structures to determine the needed for underwater repairs or maintenance. To establish whether or not the state of a subaqueous structure calls for repair, it is recommended that regular inspections be conducted by commercial divers. Commercial divers of underwater structures will identify problems such as scour, cracking in concrete edifices, and corrosion of the structure’s metal components. The scope and magnitude of these problems can be evaluated with commercial diving. A plan of action, developed from a written underwater inspection service report, will dictate recommendations for either regular maintenance or underwater repairs.

Our underwater inspection service includes:

  • Portable Water Tank Inspections
  • FERC Inspections
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Valve & Gate Inspections
  • Traveling Waterscreen Inspection
  • Trash Rack Inspection
  • Raw Water Intake Inspection
  • Concrete Inspection
  • Stoplog & Bulkhead Inspection
  • Piping Systems Inspection
  • Circulating Water, Service Water, Fire and Pump System Inspection

Underwater Maintenance

Cleaning and dredging are two common types of maintenance services directed to sustain the life of an underwater structure. At Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc., our professional team of commercial divers are certified to perform a substantial range of maintenance-related duties.

  • Diver Dredging of Forebays, Wet Wells, and other Underwater Locations.

Midco uses a number of different masterfully designed cleaning devices and units to remove unwanted deposits that can compromise the function of the structure. Oftentimes, the key to underwater maintenance is as simple as keeping everything free and clean of natural build-up.

Underwater Repairs

All structures submersed in aquatic environments, at one point or another, will require a number of underwater repairs. Although much in the way of inspection and maintenance can be done to slow the effects of scour, cracking, and corrosion, aquatic structures will eventually fall victim to each of these environmental threats.

Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc. possesses the acute knowledge and tangible experience to deliver inclusive on-site underwater repairs for any kind of structure afflicted by fresh and/or salt water deterioration. When bridges, dams, tanks, tunnels, valves, gates, stoplogs, bulkheads, pumping systems, etc. require renewal and repair, our commercial diving and structural skills can answer to these costly issues swiftly, efficiently, and at an appropriate bid.

Contact us to find out more about the services we offer. The expertise of our team extends beyond all that is represented here, and we’d be happy to gather details and submit a quote for your commercial diving project at hand.