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Diver Dredging | Underwater Dredging

Dredging is a common process that is often used to reduce or remove accumulated sediment from the bottom of fresh and salt water bodies. Excess sediment accumulation can quickly occur in bays, harbors, and at the mouth of rivers and streams as they enter a larger body of water creating the potential for future flooding, navigation and water quality issues. In addition to sediment removal, dredging can also be used to control invasive plant species and for the removal of contaminated soil.

Large scale dredging projects typically require the use of an excavator-like crane, clam shell or hydraulic dredging methods to physically remove sediment and spoils from the body of water while smaller jobs that require a more precise or technical execution are often require specialized training and skill set of commercial divers. Diver directed dredging is necessary for the safe and effective removal of sediment accumulation near/in water intakes and other structures as well as for the targeted removal of invasive plant species.

Many of the divers directed dredging services performed today involve the use of hydraulic or suction dredging practices. This dredging practice utilizes large, heavy-duty pumps that are attached to a long hose. The commercial diver uses the hose much like a vacuum cleaner to draw up the sediment or material that is being removed. Suction dredging is very effective for the targeted removal of invasive plants such as Eurasian Milfoil and for dredging smaller areas of sedimentation such as area surrounding intake systems and underwater pumps.

Dredging is also used for the purpose of erosion correction, underwater excavation, and land reclamation. These projects can quickly become too large for diver-directed hydraulic dredging services and may require the use of an underwater dredge vessel and/or additional excavation equipment. Commercial divers still maintain an active role in this form of dredging and assist excavation crew and vessel with many aspects of the project.

At Midco Diving & Marine Services, our experienced dredging crew has the knowledge and equipment necessary to complete a wide range of diver dredging services in a timely and cost-effective manner. Depending on the size and location of the project, our team will utilize a diverse selection of equipment to perform the job in an efficient manner with minimal impact to the surrounding marine ecosystems. Whether you have a small pond or marina that is in need of dredging or you would like a professional consultation for a larger dredging project, do not hesitate to give Midco Diving & Marine Services a call at 1-800-479-1558.


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