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Our Denver, Colorado office plays a critical role in Midco's nationwide network. Strategically located to serve the Rocky Mountain region and beyond, the Denver team is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional service. Since establishing our Denver presence, we have successfully managed numerous underwater projects, both large and small, continuously enhancing our capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our municipal and industrial partners. Whether it's inspection, repair, or complex marine construction, our Denver office stands ready to support your project with unparalleled expertise and efficiency.

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Commercial Diving

It's our mission to provide respected and dependable commercial diving services that adhere to industry standards in safety and compliance. In all operations, we aim to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients while upholding the integrity of Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc., as a company, the commercial dive industry, as a whole, and the members of our team, as individuals.

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At Midco Diving & Marine Services, we take on the toughest underwater conditions you can imagine. After nearly twenty years of commercial diving experience from underwater construction to municipal water tank repair – we’ve gone in where few others would even think. Highly contaminated water, confined work spaces, radiation, zero visibility, and high-altitude operations are all fair game. Whatever you’ve got in mind, we welcome the challenge.

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    CA General “A” Contractor License #1003247
    WA General Contractor License # MIDCODM825MT
    AZ General Contractor License # ROC350559


    We provide turnkey commercial diving services for unique industrial and municipal needs

    Our divers are experienced in underwater inspection, marine construction, repair projects, and so much more. From project design to execution and oversight, our staff of qualified and experienced project managers, DPICs, equipment operators, and certified commercial divers will complete your project safely, effectively, and efficiently. The scope of Midco’s commercial diving underwater service is substantial. Professional diving services include: