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Potable Tank Repair | Underwater Inspection and Repairs

During routine potable storage tank inspections it is not uncommon to encounter damage and failed components of the tank that may be in need of repair. Minor issues such as pitting, cracking, and coating failure can lead to severe problems quickly if they are not addressed, which is why regular potable tank inspections are a critical component of potable tank maintenance. Depending on the location and degree of the repairs needed, the tank may need to be partially or fully dewatered in order for the repairs to take place. Dewatering tanks can be a great inconvenience for communities and those that rely on the affected water source; it can also be an expensive and time-consuming process that can result in a significant amount of wasted water. Fortunately many potable water tank repairs can be performed while the tank remains full and in-service.

During the tank inspection the potable diver thoroughly inspects the tank floor, wall, and coating (if present) for any signs of failure including cracking, pitting, peeling, or corrosion. In addition to inspecting the surface condition of the walls and floor, the diver will also pay special attention to any seams and joints for signs of damage or leaks as well as the area surrounding the tank intake. To help detect possible leaks, potable divers use a food-grade dye near seams and cracks that can indicate directional flow and identify leakages.
Potable Tank Repair | Potable Tank Leak

Minor damage such as pitting and small cracks can often be repaired quickly and easily by a potable diver with the use of an NFS approved underwater epoxy. Epoxy repairs can be performed while the water system remains in service and catching these minor repairs early can save a considerable amount of time and money on future repairs.

Coating failure is commonly found in potable storage tanks. Tank coatings provide a protective barrier for potable water systems and prevent contamination of the water while also providing corrosion resistance to the tank substrate.  Blistering, peeling, and corrosion of the tank coating or liner are all problems that can affect the function of a potable water system and require prompt repair to prevent further damage. Coating repairs often require dewatering the potable storage system in order for the repair to be performed properly.
Tank Coating Corrosion
Regular maintenance and potable inspections are the first line of defense against costly repairs and downtime of a potable water system. At Midco Diving and Marine Services, Inc., we offer full ranges of potable inspections, services, and repairs to keep your potable water system performing properly. If your potable water system is in need of service, our professional team of potable divers has the knowledge and experience to provide time-saving and cost-effective solutions for many types of potable storage tank repairs, often without the need to drain or dewater.   

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