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Repairing Potable Tank Coatings | Midco Diving & Marine

In order to effectively store clean drinking water, potable tanks such as water towers, stand pipes, clearwells and other storage tanks commonly made of steel or concrete must be coated with a corrosion and chemical resistant liner to preserve the integrity of the tank itself while also ensuring a clean storage vessel for potable water.

While these liners are typically composed of durable, long lasting epoxy finishes, overtime the integrity of the coating can become comprised and begin to fail due to factors such as water quality, routine maintenance, solar heating, and weather.

When potable tanks are regularly exposed to factors such as extreme temperatures (heat and cold), solar gain, and wind, the tanks begin to expand and contract. If the internal coating of the tank is not able to move with the tank itself problems such as bubbling, pitting, and cracks can occur.

The following video will walk you through a routine potable tank inspection performed by Midco Diving and Marine as well as demonstrate how minor coating failures and “pitting” can be repaired while the potable system remains in service.

Midco Diving and Marine Services, Inc. offers a full range of potable tank services including routine potable tank inspections and repairs. To learn more about the range of commercial diving services that we offer or to inquire about our potable diving services, please visit us online at or give our office a call at 1-800-479-1558 today!