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Diving for Construction

Commercial Divers & Underwater Contractors

The core of Midco’s marine service centers on diving for construction, or construction support services that take place beneath the surface of water. Diving for construction calls for a certified supporting laborer equipped with a two-tiered compilation of education and experience. Employing a commercial diver to support the build of your underwater structure means that you’re employing two professionals in one: a certified diver and a building subcontractor.
Diving for construction is no easy task. To assist in the build of a submerged structure, the commercial diver must complete the same job as your average above sea-level subcontracted laborer—except in conditions that compromise vision and stability, amongst many other factors. In other words, when it comes to underwater contracting, your best bet for a safe and satisfactory hire is a long-standing company with a track record of success in similar projects—the more experience, the better.
At Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc., we have collected years of significant experience in diving for construction support. Our expertise allows us to assist and provide the man-labor in building a wide variety of new structures in submerged environments, laying pipes across underwater networks, installing new components to existing structures, and diving for welding operations. 


Underwater Structures

What type of building do we support? Our team of commercial divers can subcontract work that results in an array of completed underwater structures. Some of our past projects include:


To build a bridge that spans a body of water, a partially submerged support system of piers must first be put in place. There are many methods for achieving this goal, most of which require a commercial diver who can support the structural engineering details and work with the composition of the submerged foundation.


The purpose of the dam is to stop the flow of water; but how do you build a dam in the flow before it’s stopped? Midco can provide assistance in accomplishing this feat and help bring your dam construction project to successful completion.

Piers, Docks, and Wharfs

Building marine structures such as these calls for intensive underwater labor and a certain level of know-how on the way in which each component works to support the structure, as well as the sequence in which the components must be placed for build. The result is a safe and sound on-water edifice that can support traffic and a multitude of end-user purposes.

Intakes and Outfalls

Any facility that requires a water supply system or network, such as power plants or water treatment facilities, will necessitate both intake and outfall structural components that retrieve and dispense of water from and to various natural sources, such as lakes, rivers, groundwater, or the ocean. The intake component is an above or below ground raw water collection point, and the outfall component releases water back to its natural source. Our team can provide assistance in the construction of each of these components.


Any facility that requires a water supply system will demand a network of pipelines built for conduction. A sealed pipeline system is essential for the successful transfer of water from one point to another, and installing pipeline in an underwater environment is a task that calls for expert diving contractors.

Much More...

To find out what else our commercial diver team is suited to support, feel free to view our photo gallery below.
Midco’s Divers: Diving & Building
Diving for construction demands skill, experience, and dexterity—all key traits of an exceedingly skilled and experienced commercial diver hired for the build of an underwater structure. The team of commercial divers at Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc. possesses all of the above accolades—and so much more.

Thank you for considering Midco Diving & Marine Services, Inc. for your marine construction needs. Please contact us for more information about our underwater contracting services.

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