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Underwater Construction


Underwater Construction

Diving for construction is no easy feat. Visibility may be low, you may have no footing, but your life depends on your gear. When it comes to underwater contracting, you want a team who knows what they're doing. A long-standing company with a track record of success in similar projects — the more experience, the better.

Underwater Contractors

Underwater construction is the core of Midco’s marine services. Diving for construction brings a unique set of challenges that can only be met with the blend of skill and experience Midco can offer. We are able to deliver results from some of the most inhospitable environments you can imagine.

Support Services

From planning to execution, tap into Midco's experience at the beginning of your project. Our divers can support the structural engineering details, and help you plan and execute the marine portion of your project to ensure tight budgets and deadlines.

The Midco Difference

Midco has been doing underwater construction and support for nearly twenty years. We can help you scope your project and deliver the manpower to build a wide variety of structures in submerged environments. If it can be done on land, we can do it underwater. And chances are, we have.

Our Background
  • General contracting
  • Subcontracting
  • Intakes and outfalls
  • Underwater pipelines
  • Underwater welding
  • Underwater cable repair
  • Storage Tank Maintenance
  • Marine construction
  • Bridges, piers, and pilings
  • Submerged foundations
  • Dams, diversions, and drainage
  • Piers, docks & wharfs
  • Canal inspection and repair
  • Hydraulic Dredging
  • Much More

Because we work in such extreme conditions, certifications are just the start. We start with the best of the best, and if we're not diving, we're drilling, retraining, and recertifying.


Commercial diving requires a special skill set: tradesmen who welcome the added challenge of working underwater, in some of the most demanding conditions on the planet. After nearly twenty years, we have what it takes to assemble the right team for your job.


Midco is the leading commercial diving operation in the United States because we go in where few others would. Our commitment to safety, process, and protocol gets the job done. In such harsh and challenging environments, experience makes all the difference.


At Midco Diving & Marine Services, we take on the toughest underwater conditions you can imagine. After nearly twenty years of commercial diving experience from underwater construction to municipal water tank repair – we’ve gone in where few others would even think. Highly contaminated water, confined work spaces, radiation, zero visibility, and high-altitude operations are all fair game. Whatever you’ve got in mind, we welcome the challenge.

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    CA General “A” Contractor License #1003247
    WA General Contractor License # MIDCODM825MT
    AZ General Contractor License # ROC350559


    We provide turnkey commercial diving services for unique industrial and municipal needs

    Our divers are experienced in underwater inspection, marine construction, repair projects, and so much more. From project design to execution and oversight, our staff of qualified and experienced project managers, DPICs, equipment operators, and certified commercial divers will complete your project safely, effectively, and efficiently. The scope of Midco’s commercial diving underwater service is substantial. Professional diving services include: